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Tracked courier services for ecommerce websites

Sending parcels or packages for eBay and Amazon customers? You can use our courier service or try zenstore to integrate with your ecommerce platform!

Courier services for online sellers

For online sellers, the challenge of lost parcels and delayed deliveries poses significant risks, including financial losses and damage to their business reputation. Particularly for those trading on platforms like eBay or Amazon, the threat of shop suspension looms large. To mitigate these risks effectively, employing a tracked courier service for ecommerce orders emerges as a crucial strategy.

Distinguishing Tracked Services from Signed For/Proof of Delivery:

For sellers dealing in high-value items, opting for tracking and proof of delivery is indispensable to ensure the safe arrival of parcels at their destinations.

A tracked courier service provides real-time visibility into the parcel’s journey, enabling both sellers and customers to monitor its progress—from reaching the courier’s warehouse to being out for delivery and, ultimately, the moment of delivery.

On the other hand, a signed-for courier service offers proof of delivery but lacks the ongoing tracking capability. While useful for confirming when and where a parcel has been delivered, this may fall short of providing adequate information for more valuable products.

Tracked Ecommerce Courier Services:

Various tracked and/or signed-for courier services are available for dispatching ecommerce orders. Zenstores presents a selection of options:

  1. Royal Mail: Offers tracked, signed-for, and Special Delivery Guaranteed services, with delivery confirmation through 2D barcode labels.
  2. MyHermes: Aims for three-day parcel delivery, allowing the addition of a signature requirement for a nominal fee.
  3. Yodel: Provides fully tracked next day or two-day deliveries, with three delivery attempts before returning parcels to the local service center.
  4. APC: Specializes in delivering fragile, secure, liquid, and time-sensitive items, offering timed and trackable next day deliveries.
  5. Parcelforce: Handles larger parcels, offering next day and two-day fully tracked services for both UK and international deliveries.
  6. DPD: All next day and two-day delivery options are fully tracked, featuring delivery time slots and recipient re-arrangement options.

Additionally, Zenstores couriers facilitates the use of tracked and/or signed-for services through its Parcel2Go integration with various couriers.

Utilizing Tracked Courier Services for eBay and Amazon Orders:

eBay and Amazon closely monitor sellers’ dispatch times and provide a money-back guarantee for undelivered or damaged items. Failure to meet their delivery metrics puts seller accounts at risk of temporary or permanent suspension.

While the added cost of sending low-value items tracked may be impractical, a signed-for service can still offer proof of timely delivery. Zenstores streamlines ecommerce order fulfilment by enabling bulk dispatch of orders from eBay, Amazon, and other sales channels, automatically updating each platform with tracking details.

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